Saturday, 1 August 2015


Admittedly it's been a long while since my last post here, although I have been super busy in the past few months. I finally finished the second year of my degree, bagged myself a new job and said goodbye to my teenage years. With all that in mind this post is a lot (lot) later than normal, although I've been doing birthday posts here for years so wanted to keep up the tradition!

This year I received quite a few food themed gifts, The first of which being these cupcake sets since I've developed somewhat of a baking obsession this semester. I am now kitted out with cases, labels and pipping bags so look forward to putting them to work. I'm also a big Reese's fan so was over the moon to receive an excessive amount of peanut butter cups along with a matching set of lipbalms! Finally food wise, I got this melon fusion candle which smells incredible. If you're a fan of fizzy watermelon sweets I recommend giving this a good sniff.
 Beauty wise I was given lots of lovely bits including a Loreal set featuring their new superstar mascara, eyeliner and eyeshadow. I was also lucky enough to receive an array of beauty bits from a friend including this stunning Pixi palette, a Max Factor mascara, blending sponge and some pretty polishes. As always I cant put them all too work, and if you see anything you like let me know so I can be sure to post about it in the future!
I figured I'd also show off a few beauty bits I brought myself with some of the money I received for my birthday. I've been keen to try these library of fragrance perfumes for a while so took advantage of Boots two for £25 deal. Scent wise I also picked up this body mist from &other stories. Along with a few beauty bits I've been wanting to try such as this blush stick from make up revolution and glow pot from Topshop.
I was lucky enough to receive a few gift sets too including this beautiful set of Nip+Fab hand creams and this luxurious Laura Mercier Set.
Finally I received this lovely gift set containing my favourite perfume. So there you have it, some of 
the things I was lucky enough to receive for my twentieth birthday which was a good while ago now!
Did anything catch your eye? 

Sunday, 29 March 2015

The Glamour Spring Beauty Edit

It's been a while since I treated myself to anything beauty related, so when I saw this on the latest in beauty website I had to pop it in my basket! At just £16.99, The Glamour Spring Edit contains an amazing £99 worth of goodies! So without further waffle, here's what was in my box!
Moroccanoil Intense Hydration Mask (£7.65/75ml) - I'm yet to try anything from the Moroccanoil range so cant wait to put this to work! At £7.65 for 75ml, this isn't the cheapest product on the block so I'm expecting great things!

Nuxe Creme Fraiche Moisturising Mask (£18.50/50ml) - I've heard so much about Nuxe, along with French skincare in general, so I cant wait to give this one a try. This is probably the product I'm most excited about and alone is worth more than the cost of the whole beauty box!

Revlon Colorstay Gel Envy Enamel and Top Coat (£6.99 each) - I've not brought a new polish in ages, so was happy to see this pair of polishes from the Revlon range. Included in every box is the diamond top coat along with one of three shades. I have the shade Pocket Aces which looks like a lovely summer colour.
Kiko  Long Lasting Stick Eyeshadow (£6.90) - I'm all for an easy eyeshadow look so was happy to see this eyeshadow stick in my box. I received the shade in Golden Brown and plan to pop this in my make up bag as soon as possible!

Rimmel Oh my Gloss! Lip Gloss (£5.49) - I was looking forward to giving Rimmels latest lip offering a go, however the shade I was given probably wont work against my pale skin tone which is a little disappointing, however I'll  pass it on to a friend.

Model Co Creme Rouge Cheek & Lips (£14.00) - I love a good cream blush so a new one is always welcome, This is in the shade just peachy and looks right up my street.
Beauty UK High Brow Kit (£3.99) - Although I'm not too in to brows, I'm sure many will love the addition of this Beauty UK kit. I'll be passing this on too.

Elie Saab sample- While some hate perfume samples, I personally love them for my bag so was happy to see this last item in my bag.

So there you have it everything in my Glamour Spring Beauty Edit box, while there were a couple of items I wont be using the others are fab and I cant wait to try everything out. Will you be treating yourself?

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

The five minute face...

Lately I've found myself torn between that having that extra hour five minutes in bed and wanting to look like I've had enough sleep.. The solution? a routine that I've got down to under five minutes, leaving just enough time to deal with other aspects of my morning.
My base is pretty simple, I just apply this Maybelline Babyskin pore eraser (£7.99/22ml) along with my new Maybelline dream flawless nude foundation (£5.99/20ml). The result is very natural. although I find that the look helps to even everything out. I do however have to go in with a Essence concealer (£2.50/7ml)*, for under my eyes and any blemishes. At just £2.50 this stuff is bloody brilliant and well worth a try!
To make my eyes stand out I use my Benefit Roller Lash mascara (£19.50/8.5g). I got this little sample size in Elle and have been really enjoying it so far. While I find I do still have to use my curlers I love that it coats every individual lash and makes my eyelashes look so much thicker! I then go in with my brow drama sculpting mascara (£4.99/7.6ml) to quickly neaten my brows up before finishing the look with my Soap and Glory lip crayon in the shade 'Bashfull' (£8.00).

So there you have it, the make up steps I use in the morning to look a little more human! What are your quick fixes?

Friday, 13 February 2015

Free Roller Lash Mascara in ELLE

It hasn't even hit the shops yet, but this month you can bag a sample Benefits latest mascara with issues of ELLE magazine (£4.00), admittedly I grabbed mine a couple of weeks ago but as a few copies seem to be floating around I thought it was worth a post! I for one am a huge fan of Benefits 'They're Real' so am excited to see how this compares.

Will you be trying Roller Lash?

Saturday, 31 January 2015

Memebox Special #52: Wonderful Treasure Finds

After discovering Memebox over the summer I have become somewhat of a fanatic. I am yet to be disappointed with a box, which is saying a lot since there have been a fair few. My favourite boxes happen to be those which contain products completely unlike those on offer in the UK, The wackier the idea the more interest I have in it, as compared to Korean market beauty products here can be a little (dare I say) dull. I was delighted earlier this week when the DHL man delivered the Special #52 WTF: Wonderful Treasure Finds box, filled with a whole host of 'under-the-radar' beauty products I cant wait to try!
Skindeco Comedo AC Power Serum ($36/50g) - I really love receiving skincare and have really impressed after trying items from past boxes. This particular item is a serum is housed in a read glass bottle which promises a 'healthier more glowing complexion'. The card also states that this is enriched with a blend of ginger and garlic, although luckily for me this doesn't really have a scent to it and I look forward to trying once my current serum has run out.

Tonymoly Mr. Smile Patch ($2/10g) - This has to be the most interesting product in this box, and is a patch formulated to 'effectively smooth out and firm up the skin along your smile lines'. While I'd love to see my house mates faces if I walked around wearing this, I cant say I find my smile lines to be an issue.

Elinette BMS Cure Cream ($65/50ml) - Again, creams are something I really like finding in my boxes as they're something I always need. This one has a pretty high retail price so I'm interested to see how I get on with it.
Mumur Air Waterdrop Cooling Hand Cream Snow Blossom ($9/50g) - I had a chance to try this out earlier and was impressed! The idea behind this is hat the cream melts into your skin like a snowflake melting into you hands. While I thought the idea was a little mad this actually works and melts into the skin effortlessly! A winner from me which is going straight in my handbag!

Dearberry Play Choux ($13/30ml) - This is the only make up item in this box, meaning I cant wait to give it a whirl. Play Choux is a primer which promises to 'create a smooth, even canvas for foundation' all while adding a 'healthy light-from-within glow to skin'. While I I'm a huge fan of that glowly look I think this is a little too much for me so will be using this as a highlighter.

Bath Charm Store Dead Sea Salt Natural Soap ($6/100g) - I've never used a face soap before, so I'm interested to see what this is like as it promises to 'help brighten up dulled complexions and is perfect for treating troubled, sensitive skin'

Yadah Capsule Tok Soothing Gel ($11/100ml) - Being the biggest item in the box this gel was the first thing to catch my eye, I look forward to using this to cool down in the warmer months.

Saturday, 24 January 2015

Balmi Cube Lip Balm in Raspberry

If there's one thing that's become a bit of a handbag essential as of late its this cube balm from Balmi. I spotted this half price in the Boots Christmas sale and have to give it ago. I own way too many lip balms, yet I'm a complete nightmare at keeping track of them meaning I find the design of this ingenious. Complete with a handy keyring meaning I almost always have it with me, this lip balm is designed to be mess free enabling you to apply directly to the lips.The balm itself is wonderful quality too and melts effortlessly onto the lips leaving them feeling soft and if thats not enough, It smells divine! 

These retail for £4.99 in Boots which I think is pretty reasonable considering unless I loose my keys I wont feel the need to buy another lip balm until this runs out! However I do happen to already own a back up after spotting these in the 70% off sales!

Sunday, 18 January 2015

Soap & Glory: Orangeasm

After finally finishing my exams last week, I treated myself to this Soap and Glory Eau-La-La set for £8 just in the Boots sale. For the entire Orangeasm range containing a fragrance, body butter and shower gel, I thought this was a great deal and couldn't wait to put the set to work! 
Orangeasm Super Tonic Fragrance (£12.00/100ml) - I expected to love this. Housed in a thin glass bottle, I love  the look of this bottle on my dressing table and think it looks more expensive than it actually is. Having quite an expensive collection of Soap & Glory products I expected this to be really sweet smelling, however it's somewhat more 'sophisticated' than your average Soap & Glory Fragrance containing 'energising elemi, fresh green mandarin, cool mint, Sicilian lemon and sweet orange peel oils' and smells rather tangy in my opinion. While its not a scent I'd normally be attached to I do rather like it on, and one of my house mates even complimented it after I'd sprayed it. However the lasting power on this spray is terrible. I understand that in terms of fragrance this is on the more budget side of things, however a fragrance which fades after 5 minutes seems rather pointless to me and it really lets the product down.
Orangeasm Super Rich Body Butter (£10.00/300ml) - Luckily the Orangasm body butter saved the day, and is a firm favouirte of mine. Filled with the same tangy scent, the texture of this body butter reminds me a lot of S&G's famous The Righteous Butter, only slightly thicker and filled with Shea butter massage balls. The butter sinks into the skin effortlessly and fails to leave any form of greasy film meaning it is super convenient if I'm in a rush. This is an absolute joy to use, and to be frank the only product in the range I would consider picking up again. 
 Orangeasm Body Wash (£6.50/500ml) - This is by far my least favourite product from the range. Like all S&G showergels the quality of the shower gel itself is great, in that it lathers nicely and I only need a little at a time. However the smell of this one baffles me considering I have enjoyed the smell of the other two products. For me personally when I use this in the shower the orange peel smell is too overpowering, and the smell becomes almost hearbly which isn't my cup of tea.

Overall for me personally this range was a bit of a let down, While I enjoyed the scent of the fragrance and body butter, the smell didn't stick around long enough to justify a repurchase and the shower gel was far too hearbly for me.