Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Get up and glow

Personally, I love having skin that glows, so figured today I'd share some of the ways I use to fake that glowly look with make up. While I wouldn't necessarily recommend you try all of these steps in one go as you may look a little extreme, You can pick and choose the ideas you think will be best for you for you. I also love that so many of these products can be used in more than one way!
Prime Time
Illuminating primers and moisturisers are a wonderful way to get glowing skin with minimal effort, they also have added properties such as maximising make up wear time and hydrating the skin! Personally I love using a illumining primer if I'm going for a more minimal look as you don't need to wear a foundation on top and can simply add concealer to problem areas. Failing that they're even great for making normal foundations that extra bit  glowy! I have three glow getters that use to prime my face although there are so many like these on the market.
I'll start with the priciest product first, Origins Vitazing (£29.00/50ml)personally I was lucky enough to pick this up really cheap in a blog sale pretty much brand new. Vitazing just makes my face glow like no other product I own! It's one of those mostistisers which starts of white then adapts to your skintone. Personally this comes out a little too dark on my skin, although when teamed with a paler foundation this leaves my skin looking great and I really enjoy having it in my collection. Next up is a magazine freebie I fell in love with in the form of Benefit's 'that girl' Primer (£22.50/11ml), this just leaves my face looking brightened and feeling smooth, this also doubles up as a highlighter which is always great and I will sorely miss it when I finish this sample! Lastly I have a more budget primer which to be honest I'm yet to put to the test, although figured it was worth a mention as many hail the Technic Prime it (£4.86/33ml) as a dupe for 'that girl', I'm going to be putting this to the test in the coming months so would love to know if you'd like to see this in a review/dupe post!
It's all about the base.
If priming's not your thing another super easy way to get that face glowing is by using foundations which claim to have anti fatigue properties or promise users 'instant radiance' like this MUA Undress your skin foundation (£5.00/35ml) , Such foundations require no extra effort in the morning so are pretty ideal for glow lovers who are always running late like me! Some others in my collection include this 123 perfect colour correcting cream from Bourjois (£9.99/30ml), and this wake me up foundation from Rimmel (£8.99/30ml).
A wonderful tip that I have been learnt over the years is that you can instantly make any foundation an illumining one with a touch of liquid highlight! simply mix a dot of highlighter and a pump of foundation on the back of your hand and you are good to go!
That all over Glow! 
Quite possibly my favourite way to achieve that all over glow to my fact is to swap your mattifying powder for an illuminating one! There aren't too many on the high street although I have two and really like them both! The first is this Bourjois Java Rice Loose Powder (£9.99/3.5g) which I have loved since discovering it last summer, although if you find loose powders too messy Soap & Glorys Glow All Out (£11.00/7.5g) may be for you! (It also has an added mirror too)
If your Scared to try these all over these powders they can also be used as a really subtle highlighter too, which leads me to my next tip..
Highlight, highlight, highlight!
One of my favourite make up products are highlighters! Although if you're on a budget its well worth noting that some of the products in previous sections will work as a highlight too,such as the two primers and all over face powders! Highlighters can be applied in many areas for added glow such as on the tops of your cheekbones, down the nose, and on the brow bone. Although personally I mainly use these on my cheekbones and occasionally down my nose.
There are three main types of formula, Powder, liquid and cream. Although personally I really like all three. Here I have two of each! I'll start with powders, Topshop Sunbeam (£10.00/6.5g) is unlike anything else I own, In pan form it looks really yellow although on the cheekbones it's a really wearable and just gives your skin that added warmth. My next powder is more of a cooler tone, although it is probably my favourite ever highligher MUA undress your skin highligher (£3.00/7.5g) looks amazing on the cheek bones, It's also one of the cheapest ones in my collection so i was shocked by just how much I love it! Sadly the lid has snapped off of this one meaning its been well and truly battered and now lives barely used at the back of a draw, although I have no doubt that I would use this everyday if I still could. 
My First liquid highlight was Benefits Sunbeam (£19.50/30ml) which I loved I used this everyday for months so I have no idea how I still have some left in the sample! This is just a lovely bronzey shade and I really love wearing it. The second one I own is this really buget friendly one from Chit Chat (£1.00/12ml), This is more of a pinky shade but I really love the look of it ont! I've managed to use around a third of it already as its so wearable! Finally we have cream highlighters, Benefit Watts up (£24.50/9.4g) and Topshop Glowstick in Play up (£10.00)Personally I find with creams you really have to blend, and with ones such as these its best to apply with your fingers rather than directly on! These are actually quite similar to each other only the benefit one looks more bronzed and the Topshop one is more of a champagne shade.

So there you have it, my favourite ways to add a bit of glow into my skin! As you can see I've mentioned a lot of products here so there's no swatches as of yet, although if you want to see more of a product comment below and I'll try and direct you to a review if I have one or try and get one up asap if I can! What do you use to achieve glowing skin?

Monday, 28 July 2014

July Non Beauty Favourites

Its non beauty favourites time again so be prepared for a long one as I love to ramble on during these posts! I've loved a lot this month, so I'm going to kick of this months non beauty favouties by delving into my current TV loves as there have been quite a few throughout the month of July!

The first TV Show I've been loving is The 100!  I watched the first season of this at the very beginning of the month and completely loved it. Set 97 years after a nuclear war which left the world inhabitable, a 100 teens are sent down from the spaceship known as the Ark that they've been living on to see if the world is survivable. Things don't exactly go as planned and they're automatically thrown into the deep end, soon to discover they're not alone on earth. For me this was like a futuristic version of Lost, and I completely loved it! The season finale was amazing, so I'm counting down the days until season two!

My second TV love has been Scandal, I spotted this on my sky boxsets earlier this month and have since been obsessed! I'm only on the second season, but so far I think this is brilliant! The series focuses around Olivia Pope, and her team who run a crisis management firm. Olivia Pope and associates strive themselves on taking on the cases no one else will. For me the thing that leaves me obsessed is the secrets the main characters are keeping and the constant twists!

Lastly I've been obessed with Catfish! I've always heard so much about this show, although have never really known what it was about. After a quick google I ended up watching quite a few episodes, and its now one of my go to shows when I have a little free time. Catfish follows the stories of people in online relationships, and more than often things aren't what they seem.
Dinner for Schmucks (£3.25) - A friend made me borrow this earlier in the month and it just really made me laugh! It's just a really lovely story about two unlikely friends, highly worth a watch!

Looking for Alaska by John Green (£5.59) -This story is based around main characters Miles move to boarding school, Its clear from the start that hes a little bit of an outsider in his previous life, which makes the story him finding friendship so beautiful. This book is separated into two sections, Before and after which had me hooked from the beginning. The book begins 'one hundred and thirty six days before', and continues in this fashion. I automatically wanted to know what the book was leading up to although resisted the urge to look and continued to read on until I reached the after section 165 pages in. To be honest like the charterers in the book I refused to believe for a while that the event which the book was leading up to actually happened, I was utterly convinced that it was some kind of mistake or even a dream. After the event in question the life of Miles and his friends is turned completely upside down, and they're desperate for answers. While in some ways they never find these, its clear towards the end of the book we see that they are slowly coming to terms with this. I really liked reading this one, and have picked up yet another John Green book to read!

If I stay by Gayle Forman (£5.59)  - You're pretty much thrown in at the deep end with this book as very early on the main character, Mia and her family, are involved in a devastating accident. As a result of this accident, Mia appears separated from her body, and left watching her loved ones as they gather outside her hospital room while she fights for her life. She has a heartbreaking choice to come to terms with as she reminisces through happy memories of her life, Does she stay and face the consciences of the accident, or will she let go. I really liked this story and am so pleased that there is another ('Where she went') as I'm really interested to know what happened to the characters after the first book.
Dress Perfume Mist De Grapefruit ($18.00/150ml)  -I got this in my Scentbox #3 and I was a little surprised buy how much I love using this. Its just a really nice luxury feeling room scent and I really love spraying it on the fabrics around my room.

Bird Cage Style Lantern - I found this in poundland a couple of months now, but forgot to share it with you guys! I just think this is a really cute addition and I cant get over the fact that it was just a pound!

So there you have it, the non beauty favourites I've been loving this month! Ps. I got a blog Instagram yesterday and would love if you could stop by, you may even see a sneaky picture of upcoming reviews! You can see my page here.

Friday, 25 July 2014

Babylips Electro in Pink Shock

I am a huge lover of the original Baby lips range so when I spotted these electro versions hanging up in Superdrug I nearly let out a little scream. My Superdrug only seemed to have two shades; a bright pink and a bright orange. I opted for the pink one, otherwise known as 'Pink Shock' as I don't suit orange shades. The packaging of these is pretty much the the same as the original line up, only all lip balms in the electro range are in this black casing allowing the neon baby lips logo to really stand out. 
The balm itself is rather scary looking although once swatched it's clear that this is a much more wearable shade than the neon packaging lets on. Considering this is marketed as a lip balm I was quite impressed with the pigmentation of 'Pink Shock', and have found this to be both moisturising on the lips and really easy to wear. 'Pink Shock' transfers to the lip as a pretty pink shade, although I've noticed you can layer this on to get a more intense brighter look. As with all Babylips the wear time isn't amazing (an hour or two at most) although it smells so good you'll want to reapply throughout  the day!
There's no lip swatch today as my cameras is dead and I really wanted to share this launch with you as soon as I could! Although if you're desperate to see it on the lips there are loads of pictures of this on google simply type in 'pink shock babylips' into the image search bar and you'll discover many! You can pick these up for just £2.99 at selected Maybelline stockists, Will you be adding an Electro Babylips to your collection?

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Disappointing Products..

One of my favourite types of posts to read are 'disappointing products', so thought today I would share mine. I found it really hard to find disappointing products in my collection, mainly because I went back and tested them all again to insure that they belonged in this post and I really changed my opinions on some of them! At the end of the process I was left with these five and here's why they disappointed me.

Dove Dry Shampoo (£4.59/200ml)  - I searched high and low for this dry shampoo after hearing so much about it but as I mentioned in my Dry Shampoo round up  this stuff just does nothing my hair and quite frankly was a waste of both time and money.
Too Faced Better than sex mascara (£19.00) - I got this mascara in a beauty box and expected to love it as every review I've seen has been extremely positive. Although If I'm being completely honest this is just a slightly better than average mascara, and I have ones a quarter of the price from the high street which give my lashes a similar effect. I'm not saying this mascara is all bad, in fact it does have some good points for example the shape of it allows me to coat every lash and it doesn't leave your lashes feeling stiff. I do really like it, but If I'm spending nearly £20 on such a hyped mascara I expect the wow factor! Something this just didnt deliver for me. I also found that on a hot day I've ended up with bits of black under my eyes, which isn't my ideal look!

Barry M Gelly Nail Paint in Rose Hip (£3.99) - I've tried four other Gelly nail paints and completely adored them, although Rose Hip just doesn't match up. I've tried using this on two separate occasions now and have found it so streaky! This just doesn't work for me, which is a shame because the shade in the bottle looks so pretty.
Sleek Face Form in fair (£9.99)  - I've seen so many people rate this palette as amazing for pale skin, but as I discussed in my Contour wars post, The bronzer in this is just miles too dark for anyone as pale as me  meaning I hardly use this palette at all. It's a shame since I'd been after this palette for such a long time and figured it would be great for traveling.

Topshop Lip Bullet in 'There she goes' (£8.00) - I have a feeling I swatched a different shade instore/ or the lighting tricked me as there is no way I would have picked 'There she goes'. This is just an awful shimmery pink shade which has made it on the disappointing products post purely because of the shade.

There you have it, five products which have disappointed me. Do you have any disappointing products of your own? PS. This is the first post I've written since reaching 500 Bloglovin' followers over the weekend so would like to say a massive thank you to each and every one of you! 

Friday, 18 July 2014

Rebel with cause

It's easy to see why make up revolution have caused such a stir in the beauty community, not only do they have a rather impressive range of products, they also offer fantastic value for money too! When I heard that many were deeming this £1 lipstick Rebel with Cause from Make Up Revolution a dupe for MACs Rebel I had to give it a try. 
Rebel without cause is a shade which scares the hell out of me in bullet form, but on the lips, there's something really wearable about this lipstick and I love it against my skin tone! While I cant compare this with MAC's version personally, I've seen these two together on other blogs and have admit its pretty hard to tell them apart, the only major difference appears to be the £14.50 in price.
I find Rebel with cause to be moisturising on the lips during the first hour of wear, after this the light shimmer appears to face and you're left with a lovely matte version of this berry shade which lasts for a good few hours. I really like the matte look you're left with and to be honest sometimes I even blot the lipstick to have this as my starting point.
Overall I love the lipstick, my only regret is not picking up more! You can pick this up for just a £1 on the Make Up Revolution website. Have you tried anything from Make Up Revolution? 

Thursday, 17 July 2014

My everyday brushes..

Before I started blogging I had no interest in brushes, now I couldn't be without them! While my loved make up products seem to come and go like clockwork the brushes in my collection remain loved and have probably been some of my best beauty investments. Today I'm going to put the spotlight on the brushes I use on a daily basis!
As you may be able to tell from the array of colours, I am a huge Real Techniques fan ! Although there are a couple of other brands which have managed to sneak their way into my collection. For reference the brushes below are as followed,  Japonesque Travel sized Powder brush  ,EcoTools Blush Brush ,Real Techniques blush brush, Real Techniques stippling brush, Real Techniques Buffing Brush, The real Techniques Base Shadow brush and the Real Techniques Deluxe Crease Brush.
Japonesque Travel sized Powder brush (£35.95) - Believe it or not the price I have for this brush is actually a special offer according to the website I found! I picked this up years ago in a Boots Clearance for just £3.50, and think since then it's become a lot harder to source, as that was the only UK stockist I could find online. At first I gave this brush a hard time and thought it shed way too much, although after the first few washes this completely stopped and I fell in love. I just love how soft this brush feels against the face! It's also double the size of my other powder brushes meaning product doesn't apply too heavily. I really love this brush, and am so upset I didn't pick up a backup, although it still has plenty of life left in it for now! 

EcoTools Blush Brush (From Set £3.59) - I have no idea if this brush is a genuine EcoTools brush or not, but I've had and loved this baby for two years and it has yet to disappoint so in my eyes its worth every penny regardless of if its real or not. This actually come in a set of five for under £4, although I have no idea what happened to the other four! I just love using this one for contouring with, it's just the perfect shape for the job and washes up nicely. I'd highly recommend having a look at some of the Ecotools brushes ebay has to offer!

Real Techniques blush brush (£7.50) - This is one of two blush brushes I use as I like to rotate them depending on the type of blush I use. I use this one whenever I use a powder blush. At first I think the size confused me a little and I didn't see how this would work. However after using this for myself I now think the rather large size gives this brush an advantage as it means that the product is really lightly applied, this is also amazing for blending product out. I would highly recommend this if you're a fan of powder blushes. Ps. You may spot that strange dent on the blush brush in the pictures, I have no idea how it got there, although I would say the material these are made from is the only (minor) disadvantage as this isn't the only brush I own to be affected, as you will see in a bit. However I will point out I am yet to have a RT brush break on me, which is amazing considering that I use them on a daily basis.
Real Techniques Buffing Brush (from the core collection, £14.02) - If I could only ever use one brush, this would be it! I know everyone says it but this brush was just a complete game changer for me. It just makes my liquid foundations look flawless and I couldn't be without it! Like all RT this washes up beautifully and doesn't shed, the only downside to this is you can't by this brush individually, however the set is relatively cheap on Amazon for under £15.

Real Techniques Stippling Brush (£8.15) - I have always been a big fan of stippling brushes, in fact I believe my first brush was a stippling one from ELF which I used for my foundation. This however applies my cream blushes beautifully allowing my skin to have a really lovely natural flush. I think what's great about this brush is that you could use it in so many different ways, for example if you didn't get on with it for cream blushes you could try stippling your foundation or even your bronzer!

Real Techniques Deluxe Crease Brush (from the starter kit, £12.93) - To be honest I rarely use this for eye shadow and have found this is the perfect brush for buffing in my cream concealer to help maximise the coverage. However again I have an issue with the material these brushes are made from as this brush is now slightly bent!

Real Techniques base shadow brush (from the starter kit, £12.93) - If I'm wearing an eye shadow look this is pretty much my go to brush. It just gets the job done and makes eye shadow looks pretty easy!
So there you have it, the brushes I love to use on a daily basis! What are your favourite brushes?

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Orly Glosser Super High-Shine Topcoat

I've not bothered with a topcoat for a while now, to be honest they just bore me a little bit and I can think of more exciting things to spend my money on. But when I saw this Orly one for just £2.99 (rrp £11.50) in TK Maxx I had to give it a go. Glosser promises to 'give nails lasting protection and super-slick shine' which according to you guys it achieves as I've had some lovely comments about my nails lately including how shiny they looked. This is pretty much my secret weapon when it comes to my nail looks lately and it somehow makes them last 3-4 days with no signs of chipping which is unheard of for me.

I'm a big fan of this stuff, and would consider buying it again. What's your favourite topcoat?